Personal Shopping

  "As soon as I have time..." 

 It's a common sentence we hear around the shop.  Busy parents like you who need new clothes for their kids but just can't find the time to get here. 

 Don't worry!  We got your back!


 Our personal shopper service will take note of what you need, compile it from our pre-loved inventory, and have it read for pickup at your convenience.

 No need to get out of the car.

 No need to fuss with face masks.

 No need to wake the baby! 


 "But what if I don't like what you pick?"

  Not everyone has the same tastes, we get that.  Just tell us what you need, in what size, and if you have any color/style preferences.  Use our trade-in/trade-up program to return any unwanted or too small items and get pre-loved credit to use on something else more to your taste! 


 "Does it have to be pre-loved?"

  No, of course not!  The personal shopper program was designed with our pre-loved selection in mind, but you can shop our new products from the comfort of your couch 24/7.  And if you want to add in any new products to your personal shopper bundle, just add it in at check out! 


 Ready?   Shop Now!