About Us

 Imagine walking into a baby shop that is just down the street from you.  The products are well-organized by size and type, and the owner of the shop is smiling as they go through a donation of pre-loved clothing brought in by the previous customer.  Behind you, the door jingles and another neighbour comes in to pick up a bag of clothing donations they will take to a family in need in your community.   There is no judgement here, there are no assumptions of gender or family situation.  You can find what you need easily, and you know that if it doesn't work out for what you need it for, you can trade it in for credit towards something else in store.

 That is Enby Baby.  We started in May of 2020 as an online e-commerce shop dedicated to providing a gender-free shopping experience for new parents.  In September 2020, amidst the global CoVid-19 Pandemic, we opened the doors to our brick and mortar shop here in Windsor, NS.   It quickly became evident that our community wanted, NEEDED, a place for quality baby & kids products that were also inexpensive and eco-efficient.  

 Enby Baby is just one part of a larger project.  Novadia Creative Wellness is an all-encompassing creative wellness resource in our community.  At one time a dream idea, founders Caet and Jenn decided to go ahead with things after several attempts at working with other community partners failed.  As two independent, capable women, it was a no-brainer to join forces and offer our extraordinary services to Hants County.